Help me reach 1,000 YouTube subscribers!

Okay, I'm on my knees.  I need to reach 1,000 channel subscribers on YouTube to keep my videos monetized.  As of right now, I have 705.  So I need 295 more.  Even if you hate my channel and never watch my vlogs, please consider subscribing anyway because deep down, you love me, you really, really love me.

Maybe you don't love me.  That's fine.  Just help a brother out.  I will returns subs if that helps.

For the record, I don't disagree with YouTube's new monetization policies.  I think it'll actually help them moving forward.  But it's hurting me in the present.

Also, and let this be on the record, too...I don't make a lot of money on YouTube.  A couple bucks a month, tops.  Honest.  But that extremely small amount helps with keeping my domain name(s) and helps with running MorbidMuch, Sequel Buzz, Scream-Thrillogy and Haunted House Indy.

Okay, I'm done with my plea.  Thanks for reading!


Fright-Rags has new Chucky merch!

For the Chucky fans: Fright-Rags has unveiled a slew of new Child's Play merchandise...from tees to socks and to enamel pins.
Sorry Jack, Chucky's back! Fright-Rags' new Chucky collection includes four T-shirts, five enamel pins, and two pairs of socks. Various incarnations of the killer doll from throughout the Child's Play franchise are represented by artists Eddie Holly, Nathan Milliner, Jason Edmiston, Matthew Skiff, Matt Ryan Tobin, and Sara Deck. Head over to Fright-Rags website to peep the new goodies!

THE CRAFT swag pack giveaway! (Updated 1/22 w/winner!)

Comet TV is at it again!  This time with a really cool swag pack for the '90s teen witch favorite The Craft!

Here's what's included...

Limited Edition The Craft COMET TV T-shirtOne of my favorite films of all time! This The Craft exclusive T-Shirt features all four witchy guardians of the watchtower on the front and a quote from the film on the back! Welcome to the Witching Hour!The Craft Exclusive COMET TV Clamshell BoxTalk about retro goodness! This The Craft exclusive clamshell box features exclusive throwback artwork and will immediately take you back to the days of waiting in line for new release movies at the video store!The Craft "Witching Hour Cleansing” KitEarth, Wind, Water, Fire! This kit will bring a little sage, crystal and spell scroll into your life. Perfect for getting in touch with your inner earth goddess!Exclusive The Craft COMET TV Tarot CardsWhile you may not be able to tell your future with these two cards, they are exclusive to this set and feat…

CRY_WOLF's sweet cell phones!

It's no secret that I love the 2005 meta-slasher flick Cry_Wolf.  I also won't deny the fact that I was very envious of the cell phones that the characters in the film had.  They all had some pretty badass Nokias.  In what was essentially the last year or so before smartphones became a thing (pre-iPhone to you youngsters), Nokia had a line of "smart" phones that are still pretty sweet, even by today's standards.

Let's get started...I'll just run through the movie and highlight every Nokia I come across, "smart" or not.

1. Nokia 3510/3510i (the killer's phone)
Very early on in the film, the beginning, actually, we see the killer pull out their phone and call the victim (Becky) in a successful attempt to locate them.  It' very briefly seen, but the killer is using either a 3510 or a 3510i.  From what I can tell, the two phones have practically identical designs.  But I'm sort of leaning towards a 3510 being used in the film (the light …

MM Updates: Riverdale Season 2, 7th Heaven & Xmas

In case anyone's wondering, no, I'm not dead.  This blog sort of is, but I'm not.  But there's no better way to make a "return" to the site than with a new edition of MM Updates, right?

Riverdale's second season!The first season was pretty cool, but this second season...whoa! A serial killer known as The Black Hood is stalking the sinners of Riverdale.And yes, it's awesome (and has many callbacks to the Zodiac and Texarkana moonlight murders).7th HeavenBeen binge-watching the classic series on Amazon Prime and fell in love with it all over again.Laugh all you want, but I love 7H -- would love a revival series (eventually).ChristmasGot through my first real Christmas without my mother.  All is good.  My boys had a good one! So that's about it -- that's what I've been up to.  That, and there are two "top secret" writing projects I'm currently working on.  Writer's block is a bitch, though.
I've been a little quiet on so…

Quick thoughts on SLASHER season two.

The second season of Netflix's Slasher series was released the other day and I managed to catch up with it.

I enjoyed season one for the most part, so I was excited to dig into the second season.  Now, I hadn't seen any trailers or publicity imagery beforehand, so, needless to say, I was a little surprised (or not) to see that this second season had nothing to do with the first.

Moreso than season one, the second season does a lot more cutting back and forth from the present to past events -- each flashback either focusing on the main plot or digging deeper into a character's dark closet -- which I really liked.

The flashbacks mostly deal with what a few camp counselors during the summer of 2012 went through (they all ganged up on a new counselor to play a prank which goes wrong and they end up [intentionally] killing her and hiding her body).  Fast forward to winter 2017 and the group returns to the camp to move the body after they discover that a large construction is s…

HAPPY DEATH DAY is fun, hip & refreshing!

Surely you've heard about the new horror film Happy Death Day by's only slaughtering the box office competition at the moment (looking at you, Blade Runner 2049).

Admittedly, I'm not the eager, trailer-seeking movie nerd that I was back in my teens, so my first exposure to any HDD related came when I saw the trailer play before 2017's It.  I knew right away that HDD was right up my alley.  It came across as Groundhog's Day meets, well, any '90s teen slasher.  I was excited, to say the least.

So fast forward to last Saturday (October 14).  I finally sat down to watch HDD.  And I was pleasantly surprised how seriously it doesn't take itself serious (if that makes sense).  With seemingly all modern horror movies taking a super dark, serious-in-tone route, it was nice seeing a horror movie, a slasher at that, just sit back and fun with its characters and audience.

Now I need to talk about the film's star, Jessica Rothe, for a moment.  Initially, s…
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