FIGHT CLUB without Tyler Durden is a thing of beauty.

Ever wondered what FIGHT CLUB would've been like minus Brad Pitt's Tyler Durden?  Well, it's kind of magical.

If you don't already know, FIGHT CLUB is most-likely my all-time favorite movie -- I try to take in as much FC-related stuff as I can.  So when I saw that Bloody Disgusting posted a Vimeo video of a FC scene with Durden removed, I had to watch it...and it's glorious.

If an entire cut of the movie was released this way, I have no doubt Edward Norton would be take home an Oscar.

Tyler Durden does not exist.  So with that in mind and context, this scene is brilliant.

Just watch...

I really hope the user ( keeps these videos coming!

But at the end of the day, Durden is the most interesting movie character of all time, so I'm glad he is a physical presence.

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