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MM Updates: I have not abandoned ye, old friend.

Fear not, for I am still here. I've actually been pre-occupied trying to resurrect my old Scream website. Hell, I even pu… Read more

Scream moves from MTV to VH1.

So...what was  supposed to be the third season of MTV's Scream series will now air on VH1 as a 3-night special event calle… Read more

My trip to Windsor College & the SCREAM 2 filming locations!

Okay, so Windsor College in Ohio isn't a real place...but Agnes Scott College in Georgia is!  And that's where a larg… Read more

MM Updates: Tees, SCREAM 2 Screening & TV!

Hey, dudes.  A couple of quick updates...some new tees, TV and a super sweet Scream 2  opportunity... New tees! Bunch of … Read more

HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U is fresh, fun & a really good time.

I finally saw Happy Death Day 2U  last night. I'm a pretty big fan of the first movie so I was very eager to see the seque… Read more


I've never really thought about it before, but Urban Legend is totally Friends meets Scream .  Let me explain.  I've… Read more

Honest thoughts on the CHILD'S PLAY remake.

I've been thinking about the Child's Play  remake recently, and I'm coming around to the idea/thought of it.  And … Read more

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