Michael Myers' paramedic escape in HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION was planned since H20!

Let's set the record straight once and for all...Michael Myers' escape at the end of Halloween: Twenty Years Later  (revealed in Halloween: Resurrection ) was planned  from the get-go. Allow me to elaborate. Many Halloween  fans feel like the opening to 2002's Halloween: Resurrection  is a total cop-out and completely neglects the [fantastic] ending to 1998's Halloween: Twenty Years Later  (or H20  as it'll be referred to as). How so? Well, at the end of H20 , Kerry Tate/Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) decapitates Michael Myers, finally ending his 20-year streak of terror. And in 2002, in Halloween: Resurrection , we're shown that Michael Myers actually incapacitated a paramedic and swapped clothes with him, leaving Tate/Strode to kill the wrong man . Well, I'm here to tell you that not only is it not a cop-out, but this exact escape plan was put into motion while filming H20 . And there are two reasons we know this. One: it's been stated by producers t

VALENTINE 20th anniversary live commentary!

The internet in 2021 is a wonderful thing. Days ago we were treated to a live commentary stream for Valentine with director Jamie Blanks and hosted by YouTuber and longtime figure in the online horror community Pizowell. Just too good not to share...

High school me starter pack...

I've been seeing a trend on Twitter lately -- people have been posting "high school me starter packs."  I laughed them off at first.  But then I started thinking...there's a lot that can probably be learned from breaking down your top four high school trends.  So, well, here's mine... American Eagle Say what you will, but AE was my jam.  Still is.  I still wear a lot of AE all the time (they have the best jeans!).  Styles come and go but this place has a nice core ensemble that is always stylish. The Killers' Hot Fuss Album What was initially a cool pop-rock album has now become a cult favorite.  Hot Fuss is still a great album.  It's still The Killers' best.  And I'm happy to say I was a fan since day one. Cry_Wolf Now it's no secret that the Scream  franchise is my boo, but when I was in high school that series was pretty much dead.  But a little movie called Cry_Wolf  was released during my high school years.  And it invoked the same interna

Happy Holidays!

Regardless of what you do or don’t celebrate or why, I want to take a moment to wish everyone a happy holiday! It’s been slow over here on the MorbidMuch front, but that’s okay. I’ll try to post more in 2021.  Peace and love!

MM Updates: Hey, it's almost 2021...

Kevin Williamson, Scream (2022). Wow, so my last post on here was in 2019.  That's embarrassing.  My apologies.  To be honest, I haven't forgotten about this blog, but I just didn't know what to write about.  A lot has happened, too, I suppose. COVID-19 is a bitch , I think we can all agree on that. Pop culture is weird, too, at the moment.  Hmm...oh yeah, Scream 5  has wrapped filming and it's officially titled Scream  (2022), probably a nod to Halloween  (2018) and to honor the late Wes Craven .  I can dig it. Speaking of Scream , I've actually been pretty busy with my other site, , keeping track of the new film's production. I'll keep this short and sweet.  Don't be a stranger, I'm still on Twitter .

MM Updates: I have not abandoned ye, old friend.

Fear not, for I am still here. I've actually been pre-occupied trying to resurrect my old Scream website. Hell, I even published a few new posts on Sequel Buzz. Insert shoulder shrug emoji. In all honesty, I often forget that I have a "personal" blog. Also, it took me three days to watch the third season of Stranger Things, if that's any indication of where I'm at in life. Ha. But I will say this: season three fucking rocked! Loved it. Every second. And dare I season yet? I really hope there is a fourth season, but please, Netflix, don't milk this cow dry. I really just want some definitive confirmations on a certain character's fate. Is that too much to ask? Earlier today, I swung by the mall and grabbed Hopper's Hawaiian shirt from Hot Topic, because why not (I also snagged a Scoops Ahoy tee). I've already been asked a few times today about what I thought of last night's Scream: Resurrection premiere on VH1. The truth

Scream moves from MTV to VH1.

So...what was  supposed to be the third season of MTV's Scream series will now air on VH1 as a 3-night special event called Scream: Resurrection beginning Monday, July 8. Honestly...I'm okay with this. They're finally using the ghost mask and they even got Roger Jackson to voice the killer. So win-win. Not much is given away by the trailer, but the official plot says that star football player Deion, the main character, is haunted by his past, which threatens his future. Cliche, but okay. Check out the trailer below... I might also add that I'm sort of proud of being one of the first websites to break the news over at .