MM Updates: I have not abandoned ye, old friend.

Fear not, for I am still here. I've actually been pre-occupied trying to resurrect my old Scream website. Hell, I even published a few new posts on Sequel Buzz. Insert shoulder shrug emoji.

In all honesty, I often forget that I have a "personal" blog.

Also, it took me three days to watch the third season of Stranger Things, if that's any indication of where I'm at in life. Ha. But I will say this: season three fucking rocked! Loved it. Every second. And dare I season yet? I really hope there is a fourth season, but please, Netflix, don't milk this cow dry. I really just want some definitive confirmations on a certain character's fate. Is that too much to ask?

Earlier today, I swung by the mall and grabbed Hopper's Hawaiian shirt from Hot Topic, because why not (I also snagged a Scoops Ahoy tee).

I've already been asked a few times today about what I thought of last night's Scream: Resurrection premiere on VH1. The truth is...I don&…

Scream moves from MTV to VH1.

So...what was supposed to be the third season of MTV's Scream series will now air on VH1 as a 3-night special event called Scream: Resurrection beginning Monday, July 8.

Honestly...I'm okay with this. They're finally using the ghost mask and they even got Roger Jackson to voice the killer. So win-win.

Not much is given away by the trailer, but the official plot says that star football player Deion, the main character, is haunted by his past, which threatens his future. Cliche, but okay.

Check out the trailer below...

I might also add that I'm sort of proud of being one of the first websites to break the news over at

My trip to Windsor College & the SCREAM 2 filming locations!

Okay, so Windsor College in Ohio isn't a real place...but Agnes Scott College in Georgia is!  And that's where a large chunk of Scream 2 was filmed.

My friend Kenny runs and operates On Set Cinema, a roaming movie screening experience that takes place at said films' filming locations.  It's a brilliant idea and as soon as the Scream 2 event was announced, I knew I had to be there.  The 16-hour round-trip drive was well worth it.

One of the main areas in the college's quad is the gazebo, where Sidney and Dewey have their first conversation of the film.  In this photo, I'm standing in the gazebo.

The college is a lot smaller than it appears on film, and that's just a prime example of the magic of filmmaking.  The weekend was a surreal experience for sure.

Here's what I saw...

MM Updates: Tees, SCREAM 2 Screening & TV!

Hey, dudes.  A couple of quick updates...some new tees, TV and a super sweet Scream 2 opportunity...

New tees!Bunch of new tees have been added to the store (Scream, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Donnie Darko, etc. -- link in the sidebar).TV!Good Girls is awesome.  Watch it.Brooklyn Nine-NineHave I been living under a rock?  This show ROCKS.SuperstoreAgain, a rock -- and this rocks.Scream 2I'll be attending the Scream 2 screening tomorrow (Saturday, April 13) in Decatur, Georgia.There's also a tour of the filming locations...can't wait! That's it.  Short.  Sweet.  Have a good day!

HAPPY DEATH DAY 2U is fresh, fun & a really good time.

I finally saw Happy Death Day 2U last night. I'm a pretty big fan of the first movie so I was very eager to see the sequel.

Unlike people who saw the movie on opening night, I think I may have actually benefitted by waiting a few days. I heard a lot of people were a little disappointed that that most of the horror element was gone for the sequel. So, naturally, I went into 2U with that in mind.

To my surprise, there's still plenty of horror/suspense to be had. And honestly, I enjoyed the sequel just as much as the first movie. This is where I'd insert the shrug emoji.

Once again, Jessica Rothe totally shines and is just as loveable as ever. The rest of the cast stepped up as well.

The movie gets a little confusing at times but that's okay. The film is dealing with a weird, new-ground territory and I think the filmmakers did the best they could. But, hell, I liked it. I really, really liked it.

Short review, I know, but the film is good and if you liked the first movie…


I've never really thought about it before, but Urban Legend is totally Friends meets Scream.  Let me explain.  I've been binge-watching Friends on Netflix so the show's pretty fresh in my mind...and I saw that Michael Rosenbaum tweeted about horror movies the other day and it reminded me of Urban Legend.

And then it hit me: Urban Legend is totally Friends meets Scream.

The Scream part is obvious...a modern slasher whodunit.  After the opening kill in Urban Legend, the film moves to a campus coffee house (hello, Central Perk).  And we then meet the cast...

Parker is Chandler.
Natalie is Monica.
Brenda is Rachel.
Paul is Ross.
Damon is Joey.
Sasha is Phoebe.

How in the hell has this never donned on me before? Granted, Natalie and Brenda as Monica and Rachel are kind of interchangeable, but still.  This totally makes sense.

Happy 2019, everyone.

Honest thoughts on the CHILD'S PLAY remake.

I've been thinking about the Child's Play remake recently, and I'm coming around to the idea/thought of it.  And judging by the poster art for the film, this looks to be a modern retelling of a story we know and love.  And I have to get behind that idea.

I know and understand that the original franchise is still very much alive and quite strong at the moment.  And that's awesome.  I'm glad it is.  Do I think the series needs a remake?  No.  A reboot?  Yes.  Even though you could argue that Curse of Chucky was a reboot of the franchise.

So...the nitty gritty.  MGM really only holds the rights to the Child's Play name.  To the best of my knowledge, they do not own the rights to "Chucky" or "Good Guys."  So if you look closely on the poster, the name of the doll is Buddi.  And the "I" seems to be dotted with a WiFi symbol.  This tells us that this doll is most likely a smart doll that's tapped into the internet.  Makes sense.  Th…