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Stalking STALKER: S01E18 - "The Woods"

After an extremely long and agonizing hiatus, STALKER finally returned last night!  The break couldn't have come at worse time -- Beth was kidnapped by her former stalker and locked in a trunk.  That's what we were left with for the past few months.  But last night changed that.  The story moved forward.  Now hopefully CBS can see that this show does have a fan base and that no one does scary like Kevin Williamson! Stalker -- S01E18 -- "The Woods" Like it should have, the episode kicked off exactly where it left off all those months ago.  But in the show's time, there is no passage of time.  So let's go! Beth is being held captive in an isolated cabin in the woods.  We all saw this coming.  Ray, however, isn't motivated to kill her.  He wants to turn her back into her former self, the girl he knew years ago. Although I would have liked to see this story arch drag on for the duration of the season, I'm sort of glad it came to an end.  So h

My trip to fictional Lanford and the ROSEANNE filming locations!

Yesterday was a fun day.  Not only was it my birthday, but my girlfriend agreed to accompany me on a three-hour road trip to southern Indiana to check out some of the filming locations of ROSEANNE.  Let me just say Evansville, Indiana is  Lanford, Illinois. Also, I'd just like to add, with simple Google searches, all the locales were relatively easy to find -- no back-roads or DELIVERANCE-style expeditions needed. Okay, so let's get this ball rolling, shall we. We'll start off with the infamous Third & Delaware street sign. This is how it appeared in 1989... And this is how it looks in 2015... As you can see, the sign is new and they've swapped positions.  But, this is the same intersection and this is the original location.  Take notice of the tree in the background.  That same tree is visible behind the screenshot from the show. Now let's take a look at Lanford's favorite watering hole, the Lobo!  This is how it appeared in the s

Thoughts and takeaways on the SCREAM: THE TV SERIES trailer

Bella Thorne stepped out onto the stage of the 2015 MTV Movie Awards and you knew what was coming – she was about to premiere the highly anticipated trailer for MTV’s upcoming SCREAM: THE TV SERIES. We knew this because MTV had been shoving it down our little consumer throats all night with little teaser-teasers (yeah, those are real things). But at long last, Thorne emerged and gave the horror community what we’d been waiting for… …and it was kind of cool. Now loosen your first and stop acting like you want to punch me. I’m going to explain. Also, keep in mind I’m basing these thoughts on the actual sixty-second trailer and not the other two thirty-second TV spots that aired (which shows some slightly different footage). The trailer began with a typical SCREAM cliché, which is more regarded to as typical SCREAM fashion nowadays, a phone rings and a girl answers. Now instead of given a little exposition for slight single character development to draw us in, we’re treate

Top 10 reasons to love URBAN LEGENDS: FINAL CUT

So I've decided to continue my adventures in the URBAN LEGEND franchise with the top ten reasons to love URBAN LEGENDS: FINAL CUT, the sequel from 2000.  Now the original URBAN LEGEND established some pretty solid ground work for a slasher series -- unfortunately, director John Ottman decided to take the sequel in a different direction, with new characters and a new story.  Well, I take that back.  The security guard Reese (Loretta Devine), from the original, connects these two installments. But we can't sugar-coat this, FINAL CUT gets a lot of heat.  And rightfully so, for the most part.  But within the walls of many cinematic turds, a silver lining can be sought out.  So hopefully I've done the film justice with my reasons below. Let's begin... "Urban legend, my ass." 1. Reese tells Amy the URBAN LEGEND story! Just when you're starting to believe that URBAN LEGENDS: FINAL CUT has absolutely nothing to do with the original film, in come

M. Night Shyamalan's UNBREAKABLE remains unbeatable

Well, as many of you already know, my second son was born today.  And while he slept, I wrote about UNBREAKABLE.  Still holds.  And remains better than most movies in the same sub-genre. Agree?  Disagree?  Sound off! Thanks for reading! READ ARTICLE

A quality NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET can still happen, and needs to

Just a heads up, I wrote a new piece for the Indianapolis Movie Examiner where I discuss what it would take for a new NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET reboot to succeed.  Check it out and be sure to chime in.  Agree or disagree, I'd love some feedback! Thanks for reading and have a great day! READ ARTICLE