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Midnight Society Entry 7: "The Tale of the Captured Souls" (S01E07)

The episode begins with the Midnight Society gathered around the fire like usual, minus Kiki.  Suddenly, the gang sees bright flashes coming from the woods.  Turns out to be Kiki, taking photographs of everyone.  It has to do with her story, obviously...

AYAOTD? -- S01E07 -- "The Tale of the Captured Souls"
Originally aired September 26, 1992

This tale begins with a girl, Danny (short for Danielle), and her family (the Simons) pulling up to an old lakeside inn for vacation.  "Join us for a visit you'll never forget!"

Her parents are woo'd by the place.  Danny thinks it looks boring.  Nevertheless, Danny jumps from the car and runs up to the front door of the place.  It's locked.  She checks for a key and cuts her finger.  And then, suddenly, the floor swings open and the weirdest looking kid ever appears.

The boy introduces himself as Peter, son of the innkeepers.  His soft feminine voice makes it all the creepier.  He then shows the Simons to their room(s…

A good day at the flea market, part three!

I finally got a chance to get back to the flea market!  And I wasn't disappointed!  As you can see by the photo above, I came away with a few goodies.  The trek was a nostalgia trip for sure.

I actually struck all of these finds very early on in this expedition, leaving the remaining time just wondering around drinking purchased-on-site Arizona teas.

Let's get started...

Ah, yes, the Batman cereal!  With a free bank!  And it's still shrink-wrapped!  Not bad for only $5.  I had one of these banks when I was just a little guy -- and it's long gone -- so I had to snag it.

Yes another Chucky doll!  I don't collect these, I swear -- but whenever I spot one in the wild, I have to grab it (pending the price tag).  I couldn't turn this little guy down for only $2.  I think my total is four now.

A Beetlejuice toy!  These are becoming harder and harder to find in person as time passes.  So spotting this guy lying on a table with other figures from the same era, he had t…

Dream Seeker's new Harley Quinn film, SWEET MADNESS, is coming

Dream Seekers, one of my favorite indie film companies, will be releasing their short fan film, SWEET MADNESS, here in a couple weeks.  The film has to do with The Joker's main squeeze, Harley Quinn.  You'll be sure to find a review here on MorbidMuch when it's released.

Here's a few promotional images to wet your appetite.

Stay tuned!

Keep up with Dream Seekers at their Facebook page.

Thoughts on SCREAM TV series' first eight minutes

In case you missed it, MTV released the first eight minutes of the pilot episode of their SCREAM TV series yesterday.  It has been received with mixed reactions -- while some have absolutely loved it, others have loathed it with a fiery passion.

If you haven't watched it yet, please do so now...

MTV Shows
So what'd you think?  Personally, it's not bad.  It's not great either.  Nothing in the clip came as a real surprise, though.  Mostly because these scenes have been played to death in TV spots and promos.

I'll give the show a fair shot -- because I'm super into serial killer dramas (THE FOLLOWING, STALKER, CRIMINAL MINDS, etc.).

Bella Thorne's murder was no Drew Barrymore 2.0, but it'll do, I suppose.  It is TV after all...they couldn't really drag that opening out eighteen minutes I guess.  Or they could they?  Image a forty-four minute could be glorious!  But, alas, they need viewers -- and these kids today won't hang around for …

Remember, we thought HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION was going to be good

For whatever reason, I found myself doing a Google image search for HALLOWEEN: RESURRECTION.  And you know I learned from doing so?  I discovered that many of us, myself included, believed RESURRECTION was the savior the franchise needed (despite ending on a good note in 1998 with H20).

And thinking back to July 2002 -- yes -- there was a time when I was super-anxious for RESURRECTION.
In fact, I remember when the script for HALL8WEEN: THE HOMECOMING (a title I much prefer) leaked online.  I jumped all over that shit.  Loved every word on every page.  Keep in my mind, I was fifteen and honestly believed there was a way to re-attach Michael's head after the end of H20.

I had followed the production as close as I could by visiting online message boards such as the OHMB and sites like and HalloweenFlash (now defunct).  And I remember that photo above being the coolest thing I had ever seen...ever.
In fact, I can remember sitting in the theater on the night of Apr…

Midnight Society Entry 6: "The Tale of the Super Specs" (S01E06)

This episode opens with Gary at work at his father's magic shop and Kristen is there telling him how some of the gang aren't finding his stories all too scary anymore.  Gary informs her that he gets most of his story ideas from right there in the shop.  Kristen grabs a funky pair of glasses and Gary tells her they are "super specs" -- he then proceeds to put them on, saying they have X-Ray vision, and eyes Kristen up and down.

What's best about this episode's opening is that it is the first episode in the series to feature the now-famous opening title sequence!

AYAOTD? -- S01E06 -- "The Tale of the Super Specs"
Originally aired September 19, 1992

This tale begins in a magic shop, with April Fool's Day approaching.  But not only is it a magic shop, but it also doubles as a pretty neat little Halloween store!

A kid named Weeds and his girlfriend Marybeth are browsing the shop and Weeds is looking for a spell.  He's fooling around when he acciden…

Insane RE-ANIMATOR tees coming from Fright-Rags!

Fright-Rags has done it again!  They continue to be one of, if not, the best horror t-shirt producers in the world.  And their latest release, a line of 30th Anniversary RE-ANIMATOR tees!

The shirts can be pre-ordered here.

Ya dig? Stuart Gordon's Re-Animator celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, and Fright-Rags is bringing H.P. Lovecraft’s classic tale of horror back to life with a collection of new shirts.

Justin Osbourn, Coki Greenway and Jorge Garza created art featuring Herbert West and other iconic imagery from the classic film. Each design comes on unisex or girls shirts. Garza's effort is also available in lime green, while Osbourn's can be purchased on a baseball tee.

The Re-Animator collection is up for pre-order at Shirts are expected to ship in mid-July, and they may sell out prior to that.

Limited quantities of Fright-Rags' Chucky collection are still for sale, along with shirts from dozens of other beloved genre films. Get 'em w…

An interview with Michael Stone, 'Dean' from BLOODY MURDER

I recently had the opportunity to get to know Michael Stone a little bit.  Of course, we all remember Michael as Dean in BLOODY MURDER.

First off, I want to thank you for taking the time to answer a few questions regarding your time spent at Camp Placid Pines as Dean in the 2000 camp slasher BLOODY MURDER.

Let's get started, shall we...

Can you recall your first memory of the production of BLOODY MURDER?  Maybe auditioning or the first time you read the script?
I do remember auditioning.  I remember pretty distinctly going to a callback, having no clue whether they liked me or not, and then getting a call from my manager to tell me I'd been cast.  I was kind of floored.  I'd been in LA for about four months (having just moved from New York), and this was the first thing I booked.  I knew nothing about the movie at all -- I don't know that I'd even read the script.  I was just happy to be in something.
What was the atmosphere on set like?  Did everyone get along?

SOAKED IN BLEACH is an open-eyed, honest, look into the death of Kurt Cobain

I just got done watching SOAKED IN BLEACH, the half-movie/half-documentary exploring the details of the death of Nirvana front-man Kurt Cobain in early April 1994.

The "official" story states that Kurt Cobain, after injecting himself with a more-than-lethal dose of heroin, put a shotgun to head and pulled the trigger in the greenhouse above his garage.  Conspiracy theorists insist that it was murder.  They're crazy, right?  Well, they might not be.

For years there has been circumstantial evidence that might indicate that the death of Cobain could be a homicide, but never anything really concrete.  Until now.  Private Investigator Tom Grant opens up completely about what he knows about the case and reveals recorded phone calls and conversations between him and Courtney Love, as well as many other involved in the case.  Grant was hired by Love in early April 1994 to help find Cobain after he "went missing".

In the film, Grant is portrayed by Dan Roebuck (as well…

Midnight Society Entry 5: "The Tale of the Hungry Hounds" (S01E05)

The episode kicks off with the Midnight Society gathering for their weekly meeting at the campfire.  They're in the middle of making fun of Kristen for being a girly-girl when they hear howls in the distance.  Suddenly, a hound dog emerges from the thicket and Kristen follows after, leash in hand.  I think she's got a story for us.

AYAOTD? -- S01E05 -- "The Tale of the Hungry Hounds"
Originally aired September 12, 1992

The tale begins with panning shot through an attic packed to capacity.  We close in on a girl, Pam (played by a young Mia Kirshner!), rummaging through an old trunk of horseback riding clothes.  She yells for her friend, Amy.

A voice calls out, but it doesn't sound like Amy -- so Pam goes and investigates.  And she's confronted by a haunting image of a ghostly apparition in a white wedding dress.

But fear not.  The "ghost" is just Amy playing a prank on Pam.  Oh, kids.

Pam goes on to talk about how she doesn't believe in ghosts, whe…