A good day at the flea market, part three!

I finally got a chance to get back to the flea market!  And I wasn't disappointed!  As you can see by the photo above, I came away with a few goodies.  The trek was a nostalgia trip for sure.

I actually struck all of these finds very early on in this expedition, leaving the remaining time just wondering around drinking purchased-on-site Arizona teas.

Let's get started...

Ah, yes, the Batman cereal!  With a free bank!  And it's still shrink-wrapped!  Not bad for only $5.  I had one of these banks when I was just a little guy -- and it's long gone -- so I had to snag it.

Yes another Chucky doll!  I don't collect these, I swear -- but whenever I spot one in the wild, I have to grab it (pending the price tag).  I couldn't turn this little guy down for only $2.  I think my total is four now.

A Beetlejuice toy!  These are becoming harder and harder to find in person as time passes.  So spotting this guy lying on a table with other figures from the same era, he had to be mine.  I have one other (different) Beetlejuice figure, so now this makes two!  And it was only $1.

And here is what I considered the golden ticket of the haul...a complete set of Dick Tracy character dolls!  I mean, who wouldn't have snagged this?!  I actually payed $10 for these -- but I'm okay with that.

Thanks for looking at and reading this third part of my flea market finds!  Happy hunting!


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