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Small Screen Scream Part 5: "Exposed" (S01E05)

Last week our trio of Emma, Audrey and Noah explored the killer's lair -- the abandoned hospital -- and Jake and Will dec… Read more

Giveaway: Unopened box of BATMAN RETURNS trading cards!

Hey, it's giveaway time!  Up for grabs is an unopened box of BATMAN RETURNS trading cards!  Entry is easy, just repost th… Read more

Admire the brilliance of the 1981 horror spoof STUDENT BODIES

We need to have a talk.  Yes, I'm talking to you.  I want to discuss the 1981 horror spoof movie STUDENT BODIES for a mom… Read more

Small Screen Scream Part 4: "Aftermath" (S01E04)

Last week's episode ended on a bang with the savage murder of Riley.  With her peers heartbroken, Audrey, Emma and Noah… Read more

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