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Coming Soon: Scream ( days) and Halloween Ends ( days)!

Midnight Society Entry 13: "The Tale of the Pinball Wizard" (S01E13)

So here we are -- already at the season one finale.  I look back the first twelve episodes and think, "Wow, that's a lot of screenshots."  But fear not, because here is episode thirteen.  The episode begins with a couple of the members playing those old hand-held video games.  You know the ones -- which leads us into tonight's tale.

The three trilogies of the FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise

The FRIDAY THE 13TH franchise has a lot to offer.  You know, like blood, creative kills, boobs and the occasional missing pet.  But the first eight films also offered up three trilogies.  Three sets of three films that told their own story.  We'll leave the original 1980 FRIDAY out, because really, it's almost like a prequel or stand-a-lone film compared to what followed.

KRISTY proves the slasher genre isn't dead!

Have you seen the movie KRISTY?  If not, you're doing yourself a grave injustice.  The movie actually came out in 2014 as a Lifetime Original Movie ( what?! ), but is now streaming on Netflix.  I can best describe this movie as this: If SCREAM 2 and URBAN LEGEND had a baby and THE STRANGERS and YOU'RE NEXT had a baby -- and those babies had a baby -- it'd be KRISTY.

That PROBLEM CHILD 2 reunion that almost everyone missed.

Back in November 2012, the cast of PROBLEM CHILD 2 (and a couple from PC1) reunited for The John Ritter Foundation.  I was lucky enough to be privy to it when it happened, but many people missed out on it.

Podcasts I enjoy and you might, too!

I was never really a huge fan of podcasts.  I mean, I tried to listen to a select few back in like 2008, but I never quite latched on to any of them.  Fast forward to 2015.  I now find myself listening to a handful of podcasts quite regularly.  And I must admit: I'm hooked.

Those times the URBAN LEGEND killer was ripped-off.

Winter is sneaking up on us.  And it might be time to start digging out those heavy winter parkas.  Personally, I know every time I throw my parka on with the fur-lined hood, I always think to myself, "Damn, I look like the killer from URBAN LEGEND."  And apparently, I'm not the only one who thinks it's a cool look, either -- as a couple other horror movies have "borrowed" the look.

Dream Seeker's LITTLE REAPER struck a distribution deal!

As most of you know, I'm a huge fan of the short films from Dream Seekers.  Well there's good news -- their short LITTLE REAPER is going wide via a TV deal!

Halloween fallout 2015!

Once again, Halloween has come and gone.  It's officially November now.  But hey, fear not!  November has its perks as well.