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Vlog 7: 2016 Mezco Chucky Doll Unboxing

I almost completely forgot that I ordered this thing -- about a year ago.  Well, today it showed up.  It's the 2016 Mezco Chucky doll -- you know -- the one that looks exactly like it stepped out of Child's Play 2.

I did an unboxing video...

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Let's talk about the new JACK-O & FRIENDS DVD.

You may have heard.  I hope you've heard.  Jack-O was re-released on DVD again.  This time, it was accompanied by Biohazard 2 and Dark Universe in a special edition autographed (director Steve Latshaw) set.

And man, oh man -- it is sweet.

Check out the new DVD menu art.

Well isn't that something?  Isn't it?!  Despite the menu being 16:9, the film is still presented in 4:3, but it appears to be a new transfer...much crisper than the 2005 10th Anniversary release.

This is still my favorite bad shot ever:

Don't remember Jack-O?  Let this trailer refresh your memory...

Want more? How about this sweet behind the scenes look...

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Vlog 6: Halloween 6 Mask & Bleeding MTV Scream Mask

Hey...I have another vlog here.  I went to Party City and, well...what'd you think was going to happen?  I snagged the Trick or Treat Studios Halloween 6 mask and the bleeding MTV Scream mask.

Check 'em out...

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Vlog 5: Bootleg Ecto Cooler Taste Test

In this vlog I talk about a possible way to recreate the taste of Ecto Cooler.  After all, it won't be around forever...

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Revisiting THE HOLLOW, a modern "Sleepy Hollow" retelling.

Remember The Hollow?  It was a modern retelling of the "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" that debuted on ABC Family on October 24, 2004.  I remember it.

Funnily enough, after the success of Tim Burton's 1999 Sleepy Hollow, The Hollow was pitched as a sequel to that film -- something that would take place in modern times with a descendant of Ichabod Crane being the focal point.  The movie sat in production hell for years before finally getting the official green light.

In what I believe was a smart move, the studio decided to not market it as a sequel, but rather a standalone modernization.  It was toned back from an R-rated screenplay into a family-friendly made-for-TV Halloween special on ABC Family.

Check out the trailer below.  You'll recognize so many familiar faces.

Have you seen The Hollow?  If so, what'd you think?

Also, I'm a sucker for alternative poster art...

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Before Ernest fought trolls, there was the boogeyman in "Scary Things."

Okay, we all know my love for the Ernest P. Worrell films.  But recently, I finally got around to watching the T.V. show that pre-dated those.  I'm talking about the Saturday morning show "Hey Vern, It's Ernest!"

The show only lasted one season, but that's okay because it led to the movie series.  But long before our loveable Ernest would battle trolls in Ernest Scared Stupid, we found out that he was absolutely terrified of the boogeyman in the third episode of the show, titled "Scary Things."

Have a look for yourself...

So what'd you think?  Pretty classic, really.  And this instantly jumped to be one of the annual "must-watch" episodes of the Halloween season for me.  And hopefully it down for you as well. [message]THANKS FOR READING!Be sure to like MorbidMuch on Facebook and follow me on Twitter! Also, be sure to subscribe to me on YouTube!

Happy 11th Anniversary, CRY_WOLF!

You should all know about my love for the 2005 slasher Cry_Wolf by now.  So it should come as no surprise that I'm celebrating the film's eleventh anniversary.

Released theatrically on September 16, 2005, Cry_Wolf was received with mixed reviews.  Personally, I had a few friends who hated the film, complaining that it was "all fake."  Me, duh, I loved it.

And really, the film isn't fake.  It all comes full circle in the finale.  The payoff is great.

Check out the original trailer that was released for the PSP below...

The film's viral marketing campaign was second to none.  There was an awesome AOL Instant Messenger game you could play, where you could IM The Wolf and he'd message you back with sinister clues.

Even the film's website was super cryptic with hidden portals and whatnot (I may resurrect that site for a later post).

What are your thoughts on Cry_Wolf?

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Hey Vern! Be Ernest P. Worrell for Halloween!

So you're thinking about being Ernest P. Worrell for Halloween, huh?  Good call.  I don't blame you.  In fact, it's crossed my mind once or twice as well.

If you're wondering where to start, then fret not, I got you covered.

As for the obvious stuff, you can't go wrong with a pair of slim/straight Levi's.  And any vintage or athletic fit gray shirt will work, too.

But, say you want to take it a step further.  Maybe you want to resemble the "Hey Vern! It's Ernest" doll.  Well, I got you covered there as well.

The tee can be purchased here.

Think I'm full of shit?  Here you go.

Boom.  See, the Ernest doll is wearing a shirt with his name on it.
Next up, the shoes.  Ernest's exact shoes can be purchased here.

And next, the hat.  Any fitted or flex fit khaki hat will do.  There's a cheap hat on Amazon here.  It's an adjustable fit, but so what.  It's cheap.
And lastly, the vest.  Ah, the denim vest.  Ernest's exact vest can be…

Midnight Society Entry 14: "The Tale of the Final Wish" (S02E01)

So here we are, the season two premiere of ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE DARK?.  The first season was a lot of fun, so let's see what this season has in store for us!

Like all the previous episodes, this one starts with the gang huddled around the campfire.  Kristen has with her a book of fairy tales.

AYAOTD? (S02E01)
"The Tale of the Final Wish"
Originally aired June 19, 1993

The tale kicks off with a princess holding an apple, clearly it's supposed to be Snow White.

But then she spins and turns into...

...some sort of evil witch/evil stepmother hybrid.  But suddenly we cut to reality.  It was a just a dream.  A girl wakes up, holding a book of fairy tales.

The girl gets up and fetches a glass of water.  She returns to her room and sits on her bed, she thinks about looking under the bed for any "monsters," but she reassures herself that they do not exist, until...

...a pair of hands reach out and grab her!

Jill runs to her parents' room and wakes them up...and dr…

Vlog 4: Ghostface & HorrorHound Weekend

So HorrorHound Weekend has come and gone again.  And I know I say this every time, but it just keeps getting better and better.

This past weekend was no different.  I got to catch with many people and meet many more.  I want to give a huge shout-out to A.J. Good of The House of Masks -- was an incredibly cool dude who I scored the Ghastly Grinner mask off of.


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Vlog 3: Halloween II Elrod Mask & B4TM Update

Hey, another vlog!  In this one I talk about my new Trick or Treat Studios Halloween II Elrod Mask and I briefly talk about the B4TM news that I broke the other day.


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Nathan Baesel talks Leslie Vernon now & B4TM!

I'm sure everyone is familiar with the fucking incredible Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon.  If not, well, sucks to be you then.  Behind the Mask is a slasher mockumentary from 2006 that explores the "behind the scenes" if a slasher mentality and ask the question, "What if movie killers were regular folk?"

I had the opportunity to ask Nathan Baesel, who plays the titular character, a few questions regarding the movie and the proposed sequel, B4TM, that almost saw the light of day a few years ago.

...but perhaps something is brewing...

So here...we...go...five questions for Mr. Baesel...

1. When you were making BTM, did anyone have any sense that it would go on and spawn a cult following?
I don't think anyone believed we could achieve the kind of longevity that cult status implies but I think EVERYONE believed if we executed the script capably we could pull off an impressive film. I was thrilled at each stage of Production and Post-Production to se…

Vlog 2: KNB Fantastic Replica & Mr. Robot fsociety Masks

As promised, here's another mask vlog.  This time chronicling my KNB Fantastic Faces replica Scream mask and an fsociety mask from the show Mr. Robot (which is amazing, by the way).


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