Let's talk about the new JACK-O & FRIENDS DVD.

You may have heard.  I hope you've heard.  Jack-O was re-released on DVD again.  This time, it was accompanied by Biohazard 2 and Dark Universe in a special edition autographed (director Steve Latshaw) set.

And man, oh man -- it is sweet.

Check out the new DVD menu art.

Well isn't that something?  Isn't it?!  Despite the menu being 16:9, the film is still presented in 4:3, but it appears to be a new transfer...much crisper than the 2005 10th Anniversary release.

This is still my favorite bad shot ever:

Don't remember Jack-O?  Let this trailer refresh your memory...

Want more? How about this sweet behind the scenes look...

Now you know you want to watch it again.


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