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Before you see RINGS, revisit the 2005 short film RINGS.

Remember when The Ring Two  came out and it wasn't all that good? Turns out that the best part of the film's DVD release was the inclusion of the short film Rings , a 16-minute build-up to the beginning of Two . Here's the synopsis for the short: Jake, a young teenager watches a cursed video tape after joining a teen cult named "Rings". Join Jake as he lives the horrifying experiences of Samara Morgan's cursed tape. Obviously, this isn't the new Rings  movie opening this week, but who may be better. Have a watch for yourself! What'd you think? [message] THANKS FOR READING! Be sure to like MorbidMuch on Facebook and follow me on Twitter ! Also, be sure to subscribe to me on YouTube !

Revisiting the old Scream Stuff website!

We're going to take a trip through time.  All the way back to June of 2000.  And we're going to visit because we're avid Scream  merchandise collectors.  For those unfamiliar, Scream Stuff was Fun World's official website for their Scream  products line.  So let's go! When the site first loaded, we were welcomed with this page... And when you hovered the mouse over the Ghostface-clad family, things got sinister... All of their Halloween goodies turned into plastic machetes! And here's what happened when you clicked on the family... We're given two options: Masks & Costumes and Decorations.  But there was also a third option on the sidebar: Links.  Let's click Links. Oh! What do you know, it leads us to a list of then-official Scream  websites: Scream Collection, Scream 2 Web Site and Scream The Web Site (we may dive into those later). So let's go back to the products page and check out the Mask &