Revisiting the old Scream Stuff website!

We're going to take a trip through time.  All the way back to June of 2000.  And we're going to visit because we're avid Scream merchandise collectors.  For those unfamiliar, Scream Stuff was Fun World's official website for their Scream products line.  So let's go!

When the site first loaded, we were welcomed with this page...

And when you hovered the mouse over the Ghostface-clad family, things got sinister...

All of their Halloween goodies turned into plastic machetes!

And here's what happened when you clicked on the family...

We're given two options: Masks & Costumes and Decorations.  But there was also a third option on the sidebar: Links.  Let's click Links.

Oh! What do you know, it leads us to a list of then-official Scream websites: Scream Collection, Scream 2 Web Site and Scream The Web Site (we may dive into those later).

So let's go back to the products page and check out the Mask & Costumes section.

Pretty cool, huh?  Now let's check out the Decorations...

It's cool to see that most of these items from the Decorations page are now sought-after eBay items.

Was it everything you remember?  Though fairly basic and simple, Scream Stuff was always one of my favorite websites back in the day.  Just looking at these screenshots brings back so many memories.

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