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Vlog 9: Vintage Fun World Scream Collection

Hey! It''s been awhile since my last vlog post. But fear not, here I am with a new one. Just a little video showing my of my recent vintage Scream  merchandise acquisitions. Got any leads on any other vintage Fun World merch? [message] THANKS FOR READING! Be sure to like MorbidMuch on Facebook and follow me on Twitter ! Also, be sure to subscribe to me on YouTube !

RINGS tells a unique story and I liked it.

So I saw Rings  tonight. First thought: it was much better than The Ring Two , which, A: was just as I predicted, and B: which wasn't very hard to do in the first place. So where does it stack up compared to the 2002 film? Not quite as a good and less than half as scary. But, and this is a big but, I enjoyed the story quite a bit. I took to Twitter shortly after seeing the movie made mention that this film felt more like a mystery/drama/suspense film than a horror movie. And I think a lot of you will share that same sentiment. Normally I'd be 100% okay with this -- seeing as I'm not much of a gore-hound anyway. But this is The Ring  for crying out loud! The first movie was hailed by many  critics as one of the scariest movies of all time. So it's a little disheartening to see that Rings  didn't pack much of a punch. The first act of the movie does an excellent job of setting up the events for the movie and even manages to make VCRs semi-relevan

The curious case of the killer look-a-likes!

Have you ever gotten movies confused because two movies might have very similar looking characters? I have. In fact, it's more common in horror movies. And I know of three horror films that have extremely similar looking killers. They are Cut , Final Stab  and Cut Throat . Now let's get a better look... CUT (2000) Okay, now we'll cut Cut  some slack (oh, god, that pun!) because it was the first of these three films to be released. The movie revolves around a group of filmmakers that decide to finish a movie that began production twenty years earlier. And as fate would have it, the same mysterious force that halted production back then resurfaces. Did I mention it stars Molly Ringwald and Kylie Minogue? FINAL STAB (2001) How here is where things start getting a little redundant. Final Stab  tells the story of a rich socialite who throws a party where she plans to use all the cliche horror tropes to trick her guests for a murder-mystery weekend. But alas,