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In defense of BATES MOTEL's shower scene (spoilers).

Okay, let's talk about last night's Bates Motel .  It's the moment we've all been waiting for -- since the show was first announced years ago.  We all knew -- or hoped -- that the show could culminate or pique with the infamous shower scene in which Norman, dressed as Norma, stabs Marion to death in the shower. Well, we got it -- sort of. I wasn't able to watch the episode last night due to work, but I got on Facebook late last night to see a multitude of people absolutely slamming the episode.  Honestly, it made me really  want to see the episode as soon as possible. So this morning, I did just that. And holy hell...dare I say it?  I loved it.  All of it. SPOILERS AHEAD... Marion doesn't die in the shower.  It's teased early on, but she lives.  It's actually Sam that gets brutally stabbed to death while taking a shower -- and twist alert -- Norman does it, not his Norma persona. One of the complaints I read on Facebook was comp

Quick thoughts on POWER RANGERS (2017)!

I'm going to write a full-blown review for the new Power Rangers , but I will give you some quick thoughts on the movie. The movie reminded me a lot of Chronicle , although none of the kids who get superpowers this time around decide to be a villain instead.  Well, I guess that's not entirely true. SPOILERS AHEAD... We learn that the Power Rangers have been around for millions of years, originally a colony of aliens who are on Earth to protect the Zeo crystal, the source of all life on Earth (or any planet, really).  Rita Repulsa was once a ranger herself, the Green Ranger, to be exact.  But she went rogue.  She killed all the rangers, including the then Red Ranger, Zordon.  Upon his death, his essence was absorbed onto their ship's matrix by Alpha 5. Sixty-five million years later, five random Angel Grove teens dig up the ranger crystals/coins.  But becoming the Power Rangers isn't as cut and dry as it seems. They need to learn how to morph into their su

LEPRECHAUN, the scariest movie I've ever seen!

First off, Happy St. Patrick's Day! Let me clarify the title of this post.  Yes, it is true.   Leprechaun  is the scariest movie I've ever seen.  Granted, the first time I saw it was in 1993.  I was six years old and it terrified me.  No other movie has had that effect on me (except maybe the opening scene in Scream ). I idolized the Alex character in the movie, played by Robert Gorman.  He was a wise-cracking funny kid, which is what I suppose I wanted to be.  And let's not forget he saves the fucking day in the end. The setting of the first Leprechaun  movie is a rural farmhouse in the middle of nowhere in North Dakota (although the film was clearly shot in California), and as a child, I related to that because I grandparents had a very similar setup in southern Indiana.  So that struck me. Except for a few funny one-liners, this first film plays out like a straight-up slasher flick, very similar to the original Child's Play .  The rest of

Frankenstein Moved In on the Fourth Floor!

Published in 1979, "Frankenstein Moved in on the Fourth Floor" is easily my favorite children's book.  The exact details of how I came to know about this book's existence are a little unclear, but I what I do remember is it just somehow being at my house around the time that I was ten years old. Regardless of my copy's origins, I'm so glad this book found me.  The cover alone won me over. How can this not intrigue you? Who could that ominous shadowy figure be?  Could it actually be ole Frank?  Guess I'd have to read it to find out. Yeah, it's a quick read. Now the book's only four chapters long, so it isn't an incredibly long read.  But hey, it's kid's book.  So that's okay! There's no official synopsis anywhere on or in the book, nor is there one online anywhere (after checking Amazon and Wikipedia).  So I'll do my best... Sam and Robert are two young brothers living with their mother in an old-scho