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How a scene in SCREAM 2 defines the series. (Updated! 5/31/17)

Another Scream -related article on MorbidMuch?  Say what?!  Oh, don't act surprised.  Our most popular Scream article is… Read more

MM Updates: Riverdale, VHS tapes & more Ghostface!

Okay, so here's another edition of MM Updates.  But just so you know, yes, I do have another actual article in the works … Read more

Vlog 10: The Haunted Mask & Fearsome Faces

Hey, I'm finally back with a new vlog! This time I'm showcasing my newest additions: a vintage Goosebumps Haunted Ma… Read more

New MorbidMuch merch is available!

So I've finally managed to find enough free time to create some new merchandise for the MM store.  More specifically: ne… Read more

Happy 36th Anniversary, FRIDAY THE 13th PART 2

Okay, so I'm continuing my trend of celebrating movie anniversaries on odd years.  Today marks the thirty-sixth birthday… Read more

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