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Summer scares! New tees on sale now!

We're well into the dog-days of summer now.  And what better way to embrace the heat by rocking some sweet summer swag? Now available in the MorbidMuch Store is a batch of new tees.  And the include: the "Getting You Wet Since 1981" shirt featured in the movie Piranha 3DD , the Jaws  crew shirt that can be seen in almost every behind the scenes shot from the movie, and lastly, two Cheerleader Camp -themed tees. Hurry before that $14 price tag expires! Looking for another reason to grab that "Getting Wet Since 1981" tee?  Look no further... Water not included. Personally, I'm digging the Jaws  shirt. [message] THANKS FOR READING! Be sure to like MorbidMuch on Facebook and follow me on Twitter ! Also, be sure to subscribe to me on YouTube !

MM Updates: Those '70s T-Shirts, The Ranch & 47 Meters Down!

Okay, it's update time!  I've been on a binge-watching kick lately and I think I might finally be starting to shake it off.  Here's a rundown... I ran through all 9 seasons of That '70s Show and that undoubtedly will explain the surge of That '70s Show-themed shirts and hoodies that have hit the MM store. Also, I love this show to pieces, I'd love a That '70s TV Movie some day. Okay, now speaking of Ashton Kutcher and Danny Masterson, their Netflix show, The Ranch, is fucking fantastic.  Sam Elliot shines.  And there's the F-bomb...a lot of them. I finally got around to seeing 47 Meters Down.  I won't post a review, but here's the skinny: it bored me to death.  The premise and set-up seemed promising, but the ultimate execution is lacking.  I applaud Dimension Films for saving this from DTV obscurity, but then again, I think the movie would've benefited from a streaming release. Also, has a shark attack movie ever had a less ex

SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING is a fun ride you should buy a ticket for.

I was fortunate enough last night catch the early showing of Spider-Man: Homecoming .  Although I would have preferred to see it in IMAX 3D, the standard screen worked just fine. As it was assumed and predicted, we don't get a Spider-Man origin story or Uncle Ben death this time around -- and really, that's fine.  We all know the story, right?  So Homecoming  just hits the ground running.  We get a brief glimpse of Peter getting the Spidey suit from Stark Industries just moments before his appearance in Captain America: Civil War . But before all that, the film picks up eight years ago with Adrian Toomes cleaning crew getting ready to start on the Chitauri clean-up.  They never get the chance because big government steps in and takes over, but not before Toomes steals a few pieces of alien technology. Flash forward and we find out that Toomes and company have been building advanced weaponry from the tech and are selling on the black market -- and this has all been ve

Okay, let's admire the I STILL KNOW ending.

Well, it's July 5 and I sadly didn't get to watch any Fourth of July-themed movies yesterday.  However, I did dive into I Still Know What You Did Last Summer this morning.  And despite it being far from perfect it still holds up pretty well (for what it is).  But my biggest takeaway from this recent re-watch, aside from Jennifer Love Hewitt being breathtakingly beautiful?  The ending is kind of awesome. Okay, so we know the story for I Still Know  -- Julie James and three friends win a trip to the Bahamas after winning a radio contest and Julie soon realizes that it's all a set-up and the killer from the first movie, Ben Willis, is on the island with her and her friends; murder and mayhem ensue. The movie itself is pretty generic for the most part, your typical teen slasher (which really isn't a bad thing), but this post is all about the ending, which is pretty fucking strong if you ask me. Um, spoiler warning? It's revealed towards the end of the film