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Happy 10th anniversary, Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN!

Love it, hate it, or tolerate it, Rob Zombie's 2007 Halloween  remake is ten years old today.  Holy shit.  That's insane to think about.  The movie has its share of problems, but overall, I enjoyed and liked it.  And I still do. Tyler Mane's portrayal of Michael Myers was admirable and intimidating.  Yes, most of the first half of the movie is sort of pointless, but the midsection of the movie is solid with young Myers in Smith's Grove -- we really got to see his descent into madness and how Loomis played into all of it. Initially, the movie evoked a lot of mixed reactions from myself.  But after numerous viewings, I definitely have developed a little love for the movie.  I can't help it, it has its charms.  But, also, duh, the original 1978 Halloween  will always be the Alpha and Omega of all horror films, in my opinion. The cast is solid and how fucking great was it to see Danielle Harris back in a Halloween  years after she was in Halloween 4 & 5

HorrorHound Weekend is upon us yet again!

HorrorHound weekend is one of my favorite times of the year.  Not only am I put in the same room(s) as some of my favorite horror actors and actresses, but the vendor booths are always incredible and the amazing Mask-Fest is right across the hall.  Best part?  The convention is like a twenty-minute drive -- so, yeah. So, again, I will be in attendance.  I will be there Friday and hopefully Saturday, too (during the day, at least). The Lost Boys  reunion should be a blast as well as seeing most of the cast from A&E's Bates Motel . Oh, yeah, and a MOTHERFUCKING FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2 REUNION ! Will you be attending?  Hope to see you there!

WTF! is a slow-burn slasher that's tons of fun!

Full disclosure: I've never even heard of this movie before yesterday.  I just so happened to stumble across a review for it on another site.  I didn't read the whole review, just skimmed it, and it was enough to push me into the direction of watching it. Surprisingly, it wasn't very hard to track down a digital copy, so that's exactly what I did. The movies opens in the aftermath of a murder spree, there's police markers and evidence tags everywhere.  It's clear that something just went down.  We're given a little bit of backstory clarity when we're introduced the main character, Rachel. Rachel is the sole survivor of the killings that pre-date this movie.  It's three years later and her and her college friends are planning a spring break getaway.  Naturally, they all choose to go to a remote cabin deep in the woods.  Sounds about right for a slasher flick. Now, the movie's pretty transparent about who the killer is, even the filmm

CAMP COLD BROOK unites Danielle Harris and Chad Michael Murray.

Now, this is cool, a new horror movie starring Danielle Harris, Chad Michael Murray, and Courtney Gains.  I had no idea this project was even a thing, but I sure am glad I do now.  I enjoyed Murray in House of Wax  and was scared to death of Gains in Children of the Corn .  And obviously, Harris needs no introduction. From the press release... Chad Michael Murray (House of Wax, TV's One Tree Hill) and Danielle Harris (Halloween, Hatchet III) will headline director Andy Palmer's Camp Cold Brook. Script hails from up and comer Alex Carl, writer-director of Reeves Road. Produced by Warner Davis of Petri Entertainment, Gremlins alum Joe Dante and Mark Alan of Renfield Productions, and Jason Van Eman and Ross Marroso of Weathervane Productions, pic tells of a reality TV crew that get more than they bargained for when they decide to film the next episode in the legendary Camp Cold Brook. Reality TV producer and host, JACK WILSON (Chad Michael Murray), finds himself

All the behind-the-scenes footage of my 2008 short film, The Chase!

If you've ever browsed this site and stumbled upon the Film page, then you've likely seen a short film that my brother and I made in March 2008 called The Chase .  Well, I recently unearthed all of the original video files from that shoot. I'm currently working on a new cut of the movie to be released in March 2018 (the ten year anniversary).  But in the meantime, you can check out all the footage and compare it to the [then] final cut of the movie. First up, here's the short in its entirety.  Oh, and please don't laugh too hard at those hideous credit effects (my brother did that!). And, now, a look behind-the-scenes of a warm late March night in 2008... The footage above is compiled in the exact order that we shot it in.  I think it's sort of neat to see at the end of the video that we went back and reshot some stuff.  We were both super young and this was our first attempt at cutting our teeth at filmmaking.  And we both learned an awful