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Happy 10th anniversary, Rob Zombie's HALLOWEEN!

Love it, hate it, or tolerate it, Rob Zombie's 2007 Halloween  remake is ten years old today.  Holy shit.  That's insa… Read more

HorrorHound Weekend is upon us yet again!

HorrorHound weekend is one of my favorite times of the year.  Not only am I put in the same room(s) as some of my favorite ho… Read more

WTF! is a slow-burn slasher that's tons of fun!

Full disclosure: I've never even heard of this movie before yesterday.  I just so happened to stumble across a review for… Read more

CAMP COLD BROOK unites Danielle Harris and Chad Michael Murray.

Now, this is cool, a new horror movie starring Danielle Harris, Chad Michael Murray, and Courtney Gains.  I had no idea this… Read more

All the behind-the-scenes footage of my 2008 short film, The Chase!

If you've ever browsed this site and stumbled upon the Film page, then you've likely seen a short film that my broth… Read more

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