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LEATHERFACE is pointless, but not all bad.

I sat down yesterday and watched Leatherface , the prequel to 1974's The Texas Chain Saw Massacre  and 2013's Texas Chainsaw 3D .  I had heard a lot of mixed reactions for Leatherface  on social media, mostly tipping the negative side of the scale. Despite retconning the entire series and muddying up the timeline, I am a fan of Texas Chainsaw 3D  -- so, yeah, I was a little bummed out when I found it this new one was a prequel to the '74 classic. I had medium-to-high hopes, though, because the director duo previously made a fantastic and tension-heavy film with Inside . And, well, here was my initial tweet regarding my first thoughts... I’m 4 minutes and 48 seconds into Leatherface (2017) and, man, this is a bad movie. — Nick Meece (@nickmeece) September 26, 2017 Yeah, the opening was that  bad.  However, the film did manage to get a little better. A little. In what I can only argue is a completely pointless and unnecessary film and adds absolutely no

Fright-Rags has new HALLOWEEN II & HALLOWEEN III goodies!

If you're a fan of Halloween II  and/or Halloween III: Season of the Witch  (or just horror tees in general), then Fright-Rags is your Santa Claus. Check out their all-new H2 and H3 goodies! Whether you prefer Michael Myers or Silver Shamrock, Fright-Rags has something for all fans of the Halloween franchise with the Halloween II and Halloween III: Season of the Witch collections.  They feature a whopping eight shirts - four from each film - including classic poster artwork, brand new designs, and art styled after vintage advertisements. The poster designs are also available on Fright-Rags' custom black and orange baseball tees. Eight new enamel pins are available as well. There are five Halloween II enamel pins, including a depiction of Nurse Jill's death scene with sliding action. All three of Halloween III's killer masks have been turned into enamel pins, each housed in a miniature mask box. Always thinking outside the box, Fright-Rags has recreated Budd

MM Updates: American Vandal, Haunted Houses & American Pie

It's been awhile since my last MM Updates post.  However, if you follow me on Twitter, then you kind of already know what's up. But, nevertheless, here we go... American Vandal! Last Friday, I just happened to be browsing the Netflix catalog and seen that the "true crime" parody series had finally been released.  I immediately binged all 8 episodes and freaking loved them! If you're a fan of Making a Murderer and enjoying laughing, give this a watch.  Not only is it ridiculously entertaining and funny, it also succeeds in telling a pretty compelling story.  Bring on season two! Haunted Houses! It's that time of the year again!  Posts and updates here on MM will slow down a bit as I also run a haunted house review website.  Can't wait! American Pie! For whatever reason, I found myself revisiting the AP series last week, in no particular order.  I think I started with Band Camp. One takeaway: the series holds up and is still undeniably fu

My Jamie Lee Curtis/HALLOWEEN (2018) theory.

Surely by now, you've seen the bombshell that Blumhouse and Jamie Lee Curtis dropped yesterday.  It is confirmed that Jamie Lee Curtis will be reprising her iconic role as Laurie Strode in the upcoming Halloween  movie scheduled for release in 2018. What's funny, though, is that we've known since the beginning that this new film was going to be a direct sequel to the earliest installments.  So you can imagine the massive amounts of eye-rolling I did when I saw people complaining and saying that Jame Lee died in Halloween: Resurrection , how could she possibly return?  Well, it's simple, they're pulling a Halloween H20  and ignoring all previous installments.  So this is essentially Halloween H40 . But that's not my theory.  I think this is pretty much known.  However, here's what I actually  think is going to go down... I believe that this new movie will not be a sequel 1981's Halloween II , but rather a direct sequel to 1978's Halloween .

Quick thoughts on IT (2017).

So I finally got out to see the 2017 adaptation of Stephen King's classic novel IT .  Now, comparing the new film to the 1990 TV miniseries is like comparing apples to oranges.  Yeah, it's the same source material, but still -- one was made for TV with a TV-14 rating and the other for film (first half of the novel, really) with a hard R rating. Okay, so let's address the elephant in the room: Pennywise.  When it was first announced that Bill Skarsgård was cast as the killer clown, it was met with rightful skepticism...reminds me a lot of when Heath Ledger was announced as the new Joker in The Dark Knight .  For years, Jack Nicholson was the only  Joker, hands down.  And we know how that story ended.  So I'll just say it: Skarsgård Heath Ledger'd the fuck out of this.  So no disrespect to Tim Curry, his Pennywise will always be great, but like Nicholson-Ledger, this new interpretation is so different, and yet, so good, that this is just another apples-to-oranges

HorrorHound Weekend 2017 recap, sort of.

Another successful HorrorHound Weekend is in the books!  This year marked the tenth anniversary of the first HH convention, one which I attended.  So, yeah, I was little emotional at this one.  Like, where the hell did time go? The celebrity lineup this year was incredible: a Friday the 13th Part 2  reunion, a Lost Boys  reunion (yes, with Corey Feldman), and a slew of other stars of film and TV (including a cool Bates Motel  lineup). I totally forgot Charles Cyphers was going to be there... ...and wow, meeting the  Sheriff Brackett was a surreal experience.  And then there's Amy Steel, F13 Part 2's survivor girl. She's such a sweetheart and just as pretty as ever. This year's Mask-Fest, brought to us by The HMA (Halloween Mask Association), was better than ever.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos because I'm a fucking idiot -- but it was cool seeing the work of a lot of indie companies I follow online in person. In the vendor room I f