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Quick thoughts on SLASHER season two.

The second season of Netflix's Slasher  series was released the other day and I managed to catch up with it. I enjoyed s… Read more

HAPPY DEATH DAY is fun, hip & refreshing!

Surely you've heard about the new horror film Happy Death Day  by's only slaughtering the box office competit… Read more

Fright-Rags drops their Shelly the 13th tee!

It's official: Fright-Rags has truly outdone themselves this time.  A freakin' Shelly tee?!  Are you kidding me? Bu… Read more

THE SNOWMAN prize pack giveaway!

Want to win a prize pack for the upcoming thriller The Snowman ?  Just take the quiz below and hit me up on Twitter ( @nickme… Read more

CULT OF CHUCKY is bat-shit insane & awesome!

Well, today's the day... Cult of Chucky  has hit DVD, Blu-ray and VOD.  And guess what?  I've seen it!  I've had … Read more

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