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Quick thoughts on SLASHER season two.

The second season of Netflix's Slasher  series was released the other day and I managed to catch up with it. I enjoyed season one for the most part, so I was excited to dig into the second season.  Now, I hadn't seen any trailers or publicity imagery beforehand, so, needless to say, I was a little surprised (or not) to see that this second season had nothing to do with the first. Moreso than season one, the second season does a lot more cutting back and forth from the present to past events -- each flashback either focusing on the main plot or digging deeper into a character's dark closet -- which I really liked. The flashbacks mostly deal with what a few camp counselors during the summer of 2012 went through (they all ganged up on a new counselor to play a prank which goes wrong and they end up [intentionally] killing her and hiding her body).  Fast forward to winter 2017 and the group returns to the camp to move the body after they discover that a large construct

HAPPY DEATH DAY is fun, hip & refreshing!

Surely you've heard about the new horror film Happy Death Day  by's only slaughtering the box office competition at the moment (looking at you, Blade Runner 2049 ). Admittedly, I'm not the eager, trailer-seeking movie nerd that I was back in my teens, so my first exposure to any HDD related came when I saw the trailer play before 2017's It .  I knew right away that HDD was right up my alley.  It came across as Groundhog's Day  meets, well, any '90s teen slasher.  I was excited, to say the least. So fast forward to last Saturday (October 14).  I finally sat down to watch HDD.  And I was pleasantly surprised how seriously it doesn't take itself serious (if that makes sense).  With seemingly all modern horror movies taking a super dark, serious-in-tone route, it was nice seeing a horror movie, a slasher at that, just sit back and fun with its characters and audience. Now I need to talk about the film's star, Jessica Rothe, for a moment. 

Fright-Rags drops their Shelly the 13th tee!

It's official: Fright-Rags has truly outdone themselves this time.  A freakin' Shelly tee?!  Are you kidding me? But that's not at all, as well as this new F13 Part III tee, they've got a few more new releases this month as well, including some Trick 'r Treat  goodies. October is upon us, and Fright-Rags is helping horror fans celebrate in style with new apparel from Trick 'r Treat, Hocus Pocus, The Worst Witch, Mr. Boogedy, and Friday the 13th Part III. Fright-Rags' new collection dedicated to Michael Dougherty's Trick 'r Treat is highlighted by the Samhain combo pack. Limited to only 31, the set includes a Trick 'r Treat lighted foam pumpkin, hand-carved by renowned pumpkin artist Ian Fetterman, and a T-shirt designed by Ralf Krause. Shirts, hoodies, and baseball tees with Krause's artwork can be purchased separately. Another Trick 'r Treat shirt designed by Chogrin and custom-knit crew socks are available as well. Fright-Ra

THE SNOWMAN prize pack giveaway!

Want to win a prize pack for the upcoming thriller The Snowman ?  Just take the quiz below and hit me up on Twitter ( @nickmeece ) with your results to be entered! Ready? Best of luck! The Snowman  hits theaters October 20.

CULT OF CHUCKY is bat-shit insane & awesome!

Well, today's the day... Cult of Chucky  has hit DVD, Blu-ray and VOD.  And guess what?  I've seen it!  I've had Cult  pre-ordered for almost three months now, and I was super stoked to finally receive it.  Now let's get past all this fluff and jump right into it... *Minor spoilers! The film opens up with Andy (Alex Vincent) on a date with a girl who is questioning his love of guns.  Of course, Any denies a "love" for them and insists they're only for protection.  He also correctly presumes that the girl has already Googled him and knows about his past. I loved Curse of Chucky  and especially Andy's cameo at the end, so it's really nice to his character brought back and expanded on in this seventh installment. Back at his place, we see that Andy still has Chucky's severed shotgun-blasted head, which he tortures periodically.  There's also a few cool throwbacks to the previous films hanging around Andy's place (like a frame