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MM Updates: New Design & HALLOWEEN

Now's a good enough to time for another MorbidMuch Updates post.  Quite a bit has happened since the last entry.  I won… Read more

HALLOWEEN "fans" need to calm down.

If you’re even a mild horror fan and have been online anytime in the past 48 hours, then you know how absolutely bat-shit craz… Read more

Quick thoughts on the HALLOWEEN teaser poster.

Okay, so the teaser poster for Halloween (2018) has been released. The movie comes out in exactly six months. And we've fin… Read more

THE CHASE 2 is done, watch it now!

Hey!  I completed my new short horror (slasher) film yesterday and it's available to watch now on YouTube.  Or you can ju… Read more

Let's get SPLATTER CAMP funded!

Act now!  There are only 7 days left to fund this movie!  Head over the Splatter Camp  Kickstarter page to donate! Splatte… Read more

My short film, remastered (10th anniversary)!

On the night of March 22, 2008, my brother and I filmed a short little slasher chase scene. We didn't think much of it at th… Read more

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