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Quick thoughts on the LAKE PLACID franchise.

I just finished watching Lake Placid: Legacy .  It's the latest in the franchise from Syfy, premiering May 28, 2018, on TV… Read more

Thinking about early FREDDY VS. JASON publicity.

Y'all remember the hype-train that was Freddy vs. Jason , right?  Well, I do.  And recently, I've been thinking about… Read more

Win DAPHNE & VELMA on Blu-ray!

Warner Bros. Home Entertainment provided me with a free copy of the Blu-ray I reviewed in this Blog Post. The opinions I share… Read more

FRIDAY THE 13TH copycat killer cancelled HALLOWEEN 4 in one small town.

On October 24, 1988, in Greenfield, Massachusetts, 18-year-old Mark Branch headed out in full Jason Voorhees fatigues.  Mark w… Read more

PROM NIGHT revisited.

I noticed that Prom Night  (1980) was streaming on Amazon Prime.  So, naturally, I gave it a re-watch.  It's been several … Read more

HAPPY DEATH DAY 2 & what to expect.

So it has finally been officially confirmed that Happy Death Day 2  is happening.  But not only is it happening but the stars … Read more

On Set Cinema is a real and awesome thing.

Have you heard of On Set Cinema yet?  It's something my friend Kenny over at The Myers House NC is putting together where… Read more

My three favorite whodunit slashers!

I'll be honest: I've never actually thought about what my favorite whodunit slasher movies of all time are.  For thos… Read more

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