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Honest thoughts on the CHILD'S PLAY remake.

I've been thinking about the Child's Play remake recently, and I'm coming around to the idea/thought of it.  And judging by the poster art for the film, this looks to be a modern retelling of a story we know and love.  And I have to get behind that idea.

I know and understand that the original franchise is still very much alive and quite strong at the moment.  And that's awesome.  I'm glad it is.  Do I think the series needs a remake?  No.  A reboot?  Yes.  Even though you could argue that Curse of Chucky was a reboot of the franchise.

So...the nitty gritty.  MGM really only holds the rights to the Child's Play name.  To the best of my knowledge, they do not own the rights to "Chucky" or "Good Guys."  So if you look closely on the poster, the name of the doll is Buddi.  And the "I" seems to be dotted with a WiFi symbol.  This tells us that this doll is most likely a smart doll that's tapped into the internet.  Makes sense.  Th…

LEPRECHAUN RETURNS with two very cool posters.

SyFy's new Leprechaun sequel, Leprechaun Returns, hits VOD December 11.  And honestly, I can't wait.  Yes, the absence of Warwick Davis kind of, sort of, sucks.  But what doesn't suck is that this new movie is a direct sequel to the original film.

I had actually written a Leprechaun sequel a few years back and I had the same idea: pick it up at the O'Grady farm in present day.  And that's what's happening.  I'm excited to see how they handle it and if I was close.

Two new posters have been released for the film and if you look closely, you'll notice that they're hand-drawn renderings.  How cool is that?

The first one features the infamous well from the original film.  And the second one gives us an idea of what's in store.

You gotta give SyFy some credit...they are erasing that awful taste that Leprechaun: Origins gave everyone.

Something that has sort of gone under the radar is that original Leprechaun star Mark Holton (Ozzie) has returned to …

MM Updates: Halloween (2018), Jack-O & Van Life

Just some quick updates.  The site isn't dead, but I'm sure you knew that.  The guestbook had a huge surge the other night when a few Twitter friends stopped by and lit it up.  It's basically a chat room anyway.


Halloween (2018)I'm not writing a review but as I stated in another post, I loved the movie.  A lot.  I even pre-ordered the steel book.Van LifeI'm getting more and more curious about the whole van life movement.  It's sort of like the tiny house movement, but it's where you basically build a micro house in the back of a cargo van.  And that honestly sounds like something that is right up my alley.  I started following a YouTuber named Chrome (Vancity Vanlife) who has a sweet channel with all sorts cool goodies.Halloween NightAnother year is in the books.  The kids had a blast.  Chase went as real-world Mario and Alex went as Batman (or Batman: The Dark Knight as he says).  Lots of photos on Instagram.  I went as the Sunny the 13th killer from…

THE SPIRIT OF HADDONFIELD brings the spooky atmosphere.

I followed the production updates on the Halloween fan film The Spirit of Haddonfield pretty closely and I'm actually pretty upset with myself for not checking the film out as soon as it was live on YouTube.  But here we are, on the fifth of November, and I finally watched the short film this morning.

My quick knee-jerk reaction?  I liked it.  There were some things that I would have personally done differently, but it's mostly preferential stuff.  I wasn't a huge fan of the color grading of the film.  I felt like it was almost too washed out.  Coming from someone who has lived in the Midwest his whole life, there are greens in autumn.

The music was good.  There's one spot early on where I felt like the theme "The Shape Stalks Laurie" was a little out of place -- but maybe only because it was recycled near the end.

My last complaint: Michael Myers' mask.  More specifically: the hair.  The mask itself was fine, a Trick or Treat Studios' Halloween II m…