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My trip to Windsor College & the SCREAM 2 filming locations!

Okay, so Windsor College in Ohio isn't a real place...but Agnes Scott College in Georgia is!  And that's where a large chunk of Scream 2 was filmed. My friend Kenny runs and operates On Set Cinema, a roaming movie screening experience that takes place at said films' filming locations.  It's a brilliant idea and as soon as the Scream 2 event was announced, I knew I had to be there.  The 16-hour round-trip drive was well worth it. One of the main areas in the college's quad is the gazebo, where Sidney and Dewey have their first conversation of the film.  In this photo, I'm standing in the gazebo. The college is a lot smaller than it appears on film, and that's just a prime example of the magic of filmmaking.  The weekend was a surreal experience for sure. Here's what I saw... Bell tower from alternate ending & Sidney's dorm room. Sidney's dorm room (second floor). The path where Sidney & Randy discuss cinema viol

MM Updates: Tees, SCREAM 2 Screening & TV!

Hey, dudes.  A couple of quick updates...some new tees, TV and a super sweet Scream 2  opportunity... New tees! Bunch of new tees have been added to the store (Scream, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Donnie Darko, etc. -- link in the sidebar). TV! Good Girls is awesome.  Watch it. Brooklyn Nine-Nine Have I been living under a rock?  This show ROCKS. Superstore Again, a rock -- and this rocks. Scream 2 I'll be attending the Scream 2 screening tomorrow (Saturday, April 13) in Decatur, Georgia. There's also a tour of the filming locations...can't wait! That's it.  Short.  Sweet.  Have a good day!