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VALENTINE 20th anniversary live commentary!

The internet in 2021 is a wonderful thing. Days ago we were treated to a live commentary stream for Valentine with director Jamie Blanks and hosted by YouTuber and longtime figure in the online horror community Pizowell. Just too good not to share...

High school me starter pack...

I've been seeing a trend on Twitter lately -- people have been posting "high school me starter packs."  I laughed them off at first.  But then I started thinking...there's a lot that can probably be learned from breaking down your top four high school trends.  So, well, here's mine... American Eagle Say what you will, but AE was my jam.  Still is.  I still wear a lot of AE all the time (they have the best jeans!).  Styles come and go but this place has a nice core ensemble that is always stylish. The Killers' Hot Fuss Album What was initially a cool pop-rock album has now become a cult favorite.  Hot Fuss is still a great album.  It's still The Killers' best.  And I'm happy to say I was a fan since day one. Cry_Wolf Now it's no secret that the Scream  franchise is my boo, but when I was in high school that series was pretty much dead.  But a little movie called Cry_Wolf  was released during my high school years.  And it invoked the same interna