Name: Nick Meece
Location: Indianapolis
Social: @nickmeece
Birthday: days away
Biography: I've been creating and running websites since early 2000.  My very first website was a Scream fansite that I made right after seeing Scream 3 in theaters.  Back then I did everything on GeoCities (yeah, you remember that!) and absolutely no knowledge of web design or HTML or anything like that (drag and drop, baby).  But I've since learned a lot and I'm 100% self-taught.

This blog started out as a personal portfolio website as NickMeece.com but soon transitioned into a general horror blog since that's what I wrote about mostly -- rebranded to MorbidMuch.com and here you go.

I'm a writer, father of two boys, and half-assed movie and TV critic.  I write a lot about slasher films from the late '90s and early 2000s.  Those were my golden years of slasher cinema.  I'm a horror fan in general but more specifically I love "whodunit" slashers.  I think that's painfully obvious.  I'm not so sure I offer a unique perspective in the reviews, but I do enjoy putting my thoughts and opinions out there.  Scream, Cherry Falls, and Cry_Wolf are my absolute favorites of the sub-genre.

I'm a sob for nostalgia and I miss the old days of the internet when AOL Instant Messenger was king, forums owned, and personal blogs were hot shit.  Facebook Groups have essentially wiped message boards out and Twitter basically is a personal blog platform with 280 characters or less.

I hope you enjoy your stay here on MorbidMuch and will follow me on Twitter if you want (it's my preferred social network).

And for fun, here's a brief list of former screennames I've used for online forums and instant messengers...
  • AOL Instant Messenger
    • KillrInThWds
    • SuperiorScream
    • Nickmeister 87
  • Yahoo! Instant Messenger
    • scream422
  • Forum Usernames
    • Nickscreamfan
    • UltimateScreamer
    • scream422
    • Nickmeister
Enjoy the site.